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European M&A activity 2016

Strategic growth decision making 

As we explore in European M&A activity 2016, transaction volumes and values are down from the record high of 2015, but deal demand remains strong and fresh opportunities are emerging all the time. What’s driving activity in key markets and how can your business capitalise?

Overall, transaction confidence and the resulting level of cross-border M&A have been tempered by economic and political instability. Particular uncertainty surrounds the impact of the UK’s vote to leave the EU and the result of the US presidential election.

Yet behind the headline trends, there are significant variations. In Spain, for example, deal activity has seen a big rise and the outlook is “brilliant” according to our report. Poland is also “booming”. And the UK remains a big target for overseas buyers, with a weaker Pound spurring a search for ‘bargains’.

From a sector perspective, the need to strengthen technological capabilities has sparked huge interest in technology, media and communications targets (the sector accounts for more than 20% of deal volume in 2016). Buyers aren’t just coming from within the sector, but also industrial and consumer businesses looking to acquire the talent and technology they need to compete in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Therefore, while there is a lot of uncertainty, the impetus for deal-making remains compelling.

Drawing on the latest research and insights from our local teams, European M&A activity 2016 examines the trends in different sectors and most active geographical markets in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. It provides insights that will help businesses make investment decisions that will create value for their organisation. 

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