The changes and uncertainties relating to the global and geopolitical environment are increasingly impacting and disrupting national and international markets.

It is essential to remain innovative, competitive and to have an efficient company structure in such a volatile market environment to be better protected against possible risks.

Grant Thornton provides you with experienced and competent experts who support you in developing solutions tailored to your needs.

Your partner in internal audit

With its skilled experts and significant experience, Grant Thornton is a competent partner to increase security and add value to your company. Internal audit is increasingly gaining importance as an objective and independent source of information for the board of directors, especially in small and medium-sized companies.

Internal audit reviews the organisational structure and business processes, focusing on compliance with directives, efficiency in processes, the effectiveness of the internal control system and is also challenging the management of risks in the company. It is a valuable instrument for creating sustained added value by responding to risks identified by the board of directors and management.

Grant Thornton will take over the internal audit function for your company in full - regardless of whether you operate in the financial services sector or in the industrial environment. If you already have an internal audit department, we are happy to support in specific areas. This can be particularly useful in the area of Information Technology, if your internal audit department has no expertise in this area.