Economic crime occurs in all industries. Nowadays, digital data and entire IT systems are increasingly forming the basis for solving crimes in companies.

Data from accounting, sales and logistics systems are often important sources of information. Frequently, emails also contain clues to clarify the facts of the case. The data is not only found on computers, but increasingly also on mobile devices such as smartphones. 

Digital data relevant to the facts must be secured and analysed after an incident in a way that can be used in front of the court. In the case of indications of cybercrime, such as suspected data theft or compromising of the IT network by malware, the digital traces of the attackers in the company network must also be secured and analysed - without damaging evidence or amending data.


Technical data acquisition and analysis

IT specialists support you in identifying and securing all data sources relevant to the facts of the case and analyse the data obtained for anomalies. When collecting data, we make sure that all measures are carried out in accordance with data protection regulations. Especially in international projects, the local legal requirements and the different project requirements must be considered.

Review and data evaluation

Legal specialists enable a review with the leading eDiscovery platforms and use artificial intelligence ("TAR" - Technology Assisted Review, "CAR" - Computer Assisted Review or even "Predictive Coding"), for example, to increase the quality and effectiveness of the analysis.