Leave wage and salary accounting, the issuance of social security statements through to specific legal information to us

Our services in the area of payroll accounting

Our services allow you to concentrate on your core competencies. As an external service provider, we take on your entire personnel administration on your behalf, thus creating space for you to concentrate on what is really important.

  • Conducting personnel accounting and personnel administration
  • Payroll accounting, disbursements and correspondence
  • Employment contracts and expense regulations
  • Concepts on performance-based compensation of employees
  • Training and deputisation of employees in the areas of accounting and pay
  • Drawing up social security statements and declarations
  • Issuing salary statements
  • Payroll accounting of monthly wages, hourly wages, commission and bonus statements
  • Coordinating payroll accounting with financial accounting
  • Assistance in social security audits

If you have questions about our range or wish to find out more about our services in this area, please contact Yves Fischer (at our sites in Zurich and Geneva) and Patrick Lenherr (at our sites in Schaan and Buchs) who will be pleased to help you.