Our services

  • Reviewing business activities / models relating to BEPS (OECD project concerning the reduction and transfer of profits) and assessing any risks

  • Assessing possible differences between the contractual and operational company organisation, including:
    • value chain (risks, functions and assets)
    • processes
    • group transactions
    • transfer pricing methods

  • Creating business models / group structures with a solid substance and implementing them (intellectual property rights and financing structures, value chain optimisation)

  • Documentation
    • Preparing OECD-compliant local and master documentation
    • Defending transfer pricing documentation vis-à-vis the Swiss tax authorities in assessment procedures and during audits
    • Negotiating tax and transfer pricing agreements (Advanced Pricing Arrangements – APAs)
    • Coordinating transnational reporting projects (Country-by-Country-Reporting – CbCR)

  • Determining, quantifying, administering and monitoring transfer prices and tax risks taking current BEPS developments into account

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