Our CLEARR values underpin our culture and business processes - they are embedded in our company and lay down the framework for how our employees behave toward their colleagues, clients and their environment.



Our goal is to offer our clients and our employees the same quality experience – acting together and across borders.


We are committed to the success of our clients, our employees, our profession and our stakeholders in general and show leadership at all levels.


We distinguish ourselves through innovation and our solution-oriented approach, developed and implemented by talented people with a passion to exceed expectations.


We are able to adapt, anticipate and rapidly respond to meet complex client requirements, changes in markets and professions.


We build relationships based on trust and confidence. We treat people as individuals and foster an inclusive environment that values the skills and contributions of each and every individual.


We are aware that we have a major influence on our clients, people and society. We are also aware that decisions we take are investments in a sustainable future. We act with integrity, openness and accountability to remain true to our goal and behave in a manner consistent with our values.


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