At Grant Thornton Switzerland/Liechtenstein you benefit from advisory expertise garnered over many years: Our advisers know the financial services industry inside out, all having accumulated invaluable experience from years spent with banks, asset management and insurance companies or technology enterprises related to these sectors.

Working together with you, we rigorously exploit the opportunities thrown up by the radical market changes taking place in the financial services industry thereby generating valuable potential for you. We do this, for example, by not regarding new regulatory requirements as hindrances but rather by adapting, repositioning and enhancing the efficiency of business processes and models. This has the benefit of keeping regulatory costs low and also creating new earnings potential while still observing compliance. At the same time we provide you with feasible, measurable and solutions tailored precisely to your particular needs which can be seamlessly integrated into your operational processes and the culture of your organisation, thus creating sustainable added value. In order to keep an eye on all relevant business and risk parameters, provide precise reports and in particular to manage your risks so these can be exploited to create opportunities, we assist you in putting a comprehensive risk management system in place.

Whether you are a bank, insurance or asset management company, FinTech, energy or commodity trader, your enterprise, your visions and your customers are central to our work and our solutions: In times of radical market changes, we help you to develop your growth potential to its fullest.

We advise financial service providers in these areas:

  • Banking, insurance, energy trading and financial market law including supervisory law
  • Regulatory transformation, efficient operationalisation of regulatory requirements (e.g. MiFIDII/MIFIR, Financial Services Act (FIDLEG), EMIR/Financial Market Instructure Act (FinfraG), CRD IV, FINMA Circulars 2008/21, 2016/7, PRIIP, PSD II, DGSD, AML3-4, AnaCredit, IDD, Solvency II etc.)
  • Governance, risk and compliance (e.g. executive body structures, ICS, risk and regulatory management, accounting, Basel III, Liquidity Ordinance, ERV, CRD IV, LCR, NSFR)
  • Product-related and operational compliance, out/insourcing of the compliance function, digital/industrialised compliance
  • Money laundering law, supervision, integrity and prevention
  • Control reports, concept and scenario testing, certifications based on international standards
  • Corporate/legal entity simplification, restructuring and reorganisation, recovery and resolution planning
  • Wind-down and liquidation
  • Turn-around, change and crisis management
  • Digital transformation, efficient use of new technologies (e.g. blockchain, crowdfunding/-insurance, smart contracts)
  • Enterprise performance management, efficiency improvement, target operating model and cultural acceleration
  • Coaching and training